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What is this site about?

What is this site about?

Don't get confused about me linking to both 
and this site in video descriptions, this site is a small site for essentially doing updates with the channel and linking all my socials nicely into one easy place. It is not meant to replace as that will be my main site for doing tutorials, posting updates with my projects, news about new games and features within games, more dungeon tips for The Elder Scrolls Online and just about everything but Pharahtato videos, which you can find here (I also paid for so I am not going to waste the money I spent on acquiring the domain name lol).

So yeah, tl:dr, just channel specific updates and live streams, stay tuned by subscribing via the button at the top or by visiting any of my social media accounts.

Anyways, enjoy a big ol' potato before you head off my friends.